Who Is Liable To Pay For The Burial And Funeral Costs After A Fatal Car Crash?


Family members are left to pick up the pieces after a horrible collision. In addition to experiencing emotional suffering, the victim’s loved ones may also have financial challenges as a result of the burial and funeral expenses.

You have the right to seek compensation for the expense of the burial of a loved one if the person’s negligent driving caused their death. Contact a car accident attorney in Las Vegas to recover compensation for the damages.

Who has to pay for the burial and funeral costs after a fatal car accident?

The driver’s liability insurance reimburses funeral and burial expenses because Las Vegas is an at-fault state.

In some cases of tragic collisions, identifying responsibility may be easier. As a case study, examine the following situations:

  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Unable to yield the right-of-way
  • Running a traffic sign/light.

But in other circumstances, such as a merging collision when one driver’s evidence is against another, establishing blame could be more challenging. If someone loses their life in the crash, they are unable to speak on their version of what happened.

What if the victim does not die immediately?

If your loved one passed away later at home or in the hospital instead of in the collision, there are several things family members who survived should be aware of.

It is essential to determine first whether the dead victim started the insurance claim procedure. If he or she did, the person’s estate could be eligible for reimbursement for lost income, healthcare costs, and other damages. The estate may recover any suffering the person had before death.

How Much of the Cost of a Funeral and Burial is Insured by Liability Insurance?

The at-fault driver’s liability insurance must compensate for the expenses you spend when claiming the loss of a loved one in a crash.

To get the insurance company to pay for all damages, your attorney must negotiate with them. Your car accident attorney can bring a lawsuit if the insurance company refuses to engage in discussions.

Contact an attorney

Your lawyer is ready to support your grieving family with getting the financial support needed to honor their loved ones.

Compensation reduces the financial strain on the family, even if it cannot bring the deceased back. Allow your injury lawyer to help you and your family reconstruct your life after the sudden passing of a loved one.

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