Mastering the Art of Clash of Clans Base Layouts: A Comprehensive Guide to TH10 War Bases



In the world of Clash of Clans, success in wars often hinges on the strategic placement of defensive structures within your base layout. At Town Hall 10 (TH10), players unlock a plethora of powerful defensive structures, each with unique abilities and strengths. Crafting an effective war base requires a deep understanding of these defenses and a keen eye for strategic placement. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of Clash of Clans Base layouts, covering all the essential defensive structures and offering insights to help you create an impenetrable fortress.

Defensive Structures at TH10:

Inferno Towers:

Two Inferno Towers are unlocked at TH10, each with the ability to unleash a devastating beam that ramps up in damage over time.

Set Inferno Towers to multi-target mode for handling swarms of troops or single-target mode for focusing on powerful units like heroes.


  • X-Bows are versatile long-range defenses that can be set to both ground and air targets or one of the two.
  • Position X-Bows centrally to cover a large portion of your base and discourage attackers from entering from any side.

Eagle Artillery:

  • Unlocked at TH11, the Eagle Artillery has a massive splash damage attack that targets a specific area.
  • Though not available at TH10 Base, it’s important to plan your base with future upgrades in mind, considering where the Eagle Artillery would fit best.

Air Defenses:

  • Three Air Defenses protect against airborne attacks. Spread them out to cover the entire base and ensure no vulnerable spots for aerial assaults.
  • Air Defenses should be well-protected, as they play a crucial role in countering airborne threats.

Wizard Towers:

  • Wizard Towers deal splash damage to both ground and air units. Place them strategically to cover high-traffic areas.
  • Consider placing Wizard Towers near storages and Clan Castle to deter attackers from luring out your Clan Castle troops easily.

Bomb Towers:

  • Bomb Towers deal splash damage upon destruction, making them effective against groups of troops.
  • Place Bomb Towers near the core of the base to disrupt the pathing of attacking forces.


  • Mortars have a long-range splash damage attack, making them effective against swarms of low-hitpoint troops.
  • Position Mortars in the base to cover areas where attackers might deploy large groups of troops.

Cannons and Archer Towers:

  • These are your basic point defenses that target both ground and air units. Distribute them throughout the base to create a balanced defense.
  • Upgrade them consistently to maintain a competitive defense against stronger attacking forces.

Creating an Effective TH10 War Base Layout:

Centralized Clan Castle:

Place your Clan Castle in the core of your base to make it challenging for attackers to lure out and eliminate your defensive Clan Castle troops.

Defend Against Queen Walks:

Be mindful of Queen Walks, a popular strategy at Coc Layout. Place defenses and traps strategically to counter Queen Walks and force the attacker to use valuable spells.

Anti-LavaLoon Design:

To defend against LavaLoon attacks, ensure your Air Defenses are well-protected and positioned to cover a wide area. Use Seeking Air Mines to deter attackers from deploying their Lava Hounds too early.

Dual-Mode Inferno Towers:

Experiment with the dual-mode of Inferno Towers. Set them to multi-target to handle swarms or single-target to focus on high-hitpoint troops and heroes.

Splash Damage Synergy:

Position Wizard Towers and Mortars in a way that creates overlapping splash damage coverage, discouraging attackers from deploying large groups of troops in specific areas.

Upgrade Defenses Systematically:

Prioritize the upgrade of key defenses like Inferno Towers, X-Bows, and Air Defenses. A balanced and well-upgraded defense is crucial for repelling attackers.


Crafting an effective TH10 War Base in Clash of Clans is an art that requires a combination of strategic thinking, knowledge of defensive structures, and an understanding of prevailing attack strategies. Experiment with different layouts, learn from both successful defenses and failures, and adapt your base design accordingly. By mastering the intricacies of TH10 war base layouts, you can stand strong against attackers and contribute significantly to your clan’s success in Clan Wars.

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